Who We Are.

We are a Top Rated Tech Company.

Our History & Goal.

At RAHN, we’re all about leveraging the collective experience and skills of our employees and strategic partners to offer tailored data-related products and services to the Financial Services Industry. We’re experts at solving data problems and adding value to outcomes and strategies. We focus on innovative yet practical solutions with no preference for technology stacks, ensuring that we always do what’s best for our clients.


Our Main Focus areas of how RAHN can help you:

We specialize in making sense of your data to enable and improve your Risk Management, Regulatory Reporting, and Information Management.

  • Recruitment
  • Consulting
  • Software


We take a unique approach

To Assist

in identifying, collecting, validating, storing, transforming, calculating and reporting data outcomes


To Aid

in the day-to-day decision-making process


We can help you in the following areas:

Our combined expertise and the use of data to make critical business decisions allow us to provide Analytics Teams and Data Scientists with strategic leadership underpinned by our modeling, business, and technical skills.

The quality of decision-making is directly linked to the quality of information available at the time of making the decision. We can help you identify, collect, validate, store, transform, calculate, and report outcomes to aid in your decision-making process.

Scarce resources such as specialised individuals, processing capabilities, and relevant information must be employed for the intended purposes they were acquired for. We develop solutions that optimise the use of available resources in the most advantageous manner.

Understanding the real operational environment in which your business operates is fundamental to your success. We can help you collect, interpret, and report business-critical data to provide you with strategic consulting services that aid in the development of a clear picture of the operational realities you face.

Operational risk can be found in many different business processes and represents a critical aspect that must be measured, mitigated, and managed. We utilise data management principles to mitigate and manage the inherent operational risk associated with information and formal solutions.

As a responsible corporate citizen, it’s important to contribute to society by working with law enforcement, the judiciary, and the government to further the ideals of the society in which you operate. We provide innovative solutions to aid our clients in pursuing this goal, including identifying financial crimes such as fraud, money laundering, and terrorist funding, and non-financial crimes such as human and wildlife trafficking.

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