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A Multi-Phased Approach
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RAHN Monitor ApplicationRAHN Monitor ApplicationRAHN Monitor ApplicationRAHN Monitor Application

RAHN Monitor Sanctions Screening

At RAHN, we understand the importance of sanctions screening for your business.

That is why we have developed RAHN Monitor, which consists of multiple components: the sanctions dataset, a search function, Adverse Media and the ability to develop a custom internal dataset.

Sanctions Dataset

Our dataset is updated daily via an automated process to synchronise with the major data lists.

Search Feature

Our search function allows users to search for specific individuals via the user interface.

Custom Database

Our custom database functionality allows a user to build their own internal do-not-do-business list.

Adverse Media

Our adverse media scanning tool searches and analyzes public sources of information to identify potential risks.

Sanctions Screening

Your Compliance is Our Priority

Compliance officers and managers use Rahn Monitor to confirm sanctions hits and understand the target data before making on-boarding or exit decisions.

  • Updated Daily
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • API Availability
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Embracing Data Integrity:

Integrity and confidentiality are our guiding principles.

Effortless Queue Processing:

We've implemented a sophisticated queue processing system.

Seamless Reporting:

Streamlined the process to ensure your convenience.

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