What people say about us

“As part of a large organization, we contracted with Rahn to assist in the Data & Information Strategy Execution program. Over the years, Rahn has been a key contributor and executor to the delivery of the program, contributing as a subject matter expert with a focus on creating a structure that helps coordinate execution. Rahn has been an invaluable resource in providing a unique approach, support, and direction for many of my projects. Rahn brings the ability to make complex projects simple, they immerse themselves into our ways of working and provide solutions that meet both the team’s needs and support the company’s long-term goals.

On a personal level, Rahn has helped me to challenge my ways of thinking and as a result, shaped how I manage my current role while always being available to assist me in new challenges I face. I value having Rahn Consulting as part of my trusted network and will continue to draw on them as new projects, issues and opportunities arise.”

“Rahn has been a key contributor and executor to the delivery of the program”

Inge Rickhoff – Program Manager


“We have worked with Rahn Consulting on a number of projects over the years. They are the absolute specialists in the Insurance Data and Risk Space. The consultancy and particularly its CEO, Roche Pretorius, demonstrate what true customer service is. They are all about delivering quality and value timeously. Their business model comprises utilizing senior highly skilled technical resources that are seasoned consultants with a high standard of delivery. They keep up with the times and evolve their business to remain relevant as well as continue to serve their clients with the latest technologies, methodologies, and skills.

Rahn Consulting has demonstrated its strong capability in a number of services and technologies in the data space. If you are looking for a reliable, technically skilled, agile, and client-centric consultancy, Rahn Consulting is highly recommended.”

“They are all about delivering quality and value timeously.”

Bhavesh Lala – CEO Sambe Consulting


“When tackling complex problems, straddling between business and technology, you need to be able to draw on a company that can help you gain access to the right skills quickly. A company that can work in harmony with you, helping you get the job done and drive quality outcomes.

Rahn offers exactly that, and have been a preference to support us over a prolonged period in getting the job done. Their ability to unpack complexity, combined with a pragmatic way to execute, differentiates them as a service supplier.”

“A company that can work in harmony with you, helping you get the job done”

Oscar Stark – Divisional Director


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